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16 S’poreans Share What They Hate Most About Dating These Days

Dating in this day and age is a tricky thing to navigate. There are new relationship labels, new relationship dynamics, new dating habits, and let’s just say not all of these changes are for the better.

These are some things Singaporeans Hate–with a capital’H’–about the dating scene today.

1. You’re probably not the only one

“Too many avenues of distraction, especially during the early dating phase i.e. high possibility of concurrent dating.”

“Trust issues. That one guy/girl you’re dating may be dating 10 other people. HEARTS ARE AT STAKE HERE PEOPLE!”

2. A generation of commitment-phobes

“How casual everything is.”

“People are not as willing to put in effort and are always looking for the easy way out.”

3. Life gets in the way

“Too many commitments.”

4. It’s all about sex

“Hookup culture.”

“Assuming everything is somehow physical-related.”

5. A difference in expectations

“When guys just want casual sex.”

6. Having to play the damn game

“The GAME. Of waiting and coy flirting.”

“The fact that you can’t be entirely honest with the person you’re chasing/dating. One has to pretend to be interested yet not overly interested. You have to play it cool and not reply/text early. Somehow, dating has evolved into a mind game. I personally prefer how things were done in the past where it was a little more direct.”

7. What happened to good ol’ face to face? Or phone calls?

“Everything seems to be done over the online medium. I think the tradition of calling someone on the phone and asking them out is so sweet! And you can actually genuinely feel the interest level of the other party from their voice over the phone.”

“Texting, because you can’t communicate ~real~ feelings.”

8. Blurred lines

“Not knowing when to close the deal.”

9. “It’s complicated.”

“Too many labels: dating/seeing so-and-so/friends with benefits. What happened to good, old fashioned romance?”

10. Oversensitive people

“If one is too frank, one is likely to be perceived as out of line.”

11. Um… It’s awesome?


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