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11 Couples Share What Their Partner Does That Shows Them They Love Them

1. She waits up till I come home

“My girlfriend tries to stay awake until I come home. I tend to work a lot of late nights, but she’s more of an “early to bed, early to rise” kinda girl, so she always tries to stay awake so she can at least say good night. She’s studying abroad right now, and she still tries to stay awake until I come home from work so we can Skype goodnight.” – thom3804

2. He remembers our little traditions

“We’ve been dating for five years and we have always gotten a Cherry Coke as a drink if we are sharing. A few months ago, we went to the movies and he came back, as per usual, with a Cherry Coke. I said I was glad that we both loved that soda the most and he replied ‘I actually don’t really like Cherry Coke but I get it because it’s your favorite and you like to share.'” – annalynnvt

3. He holds my hand

“Holding hands. Doesn’t matter if it’s at home or when we’re walking around, it’s a constant reminder.” – marigold99

4. She makes me coffee every morning

“Every morning, my wife of 18 years gets up before me and makes coffee. She doesn’t drink coffee.” – Sandbocks

5. He kisses me in the middle of the night

“When he wakes up in the middle of the night and kisses me while still half asleep. That makes me feel like even when he’s semi-conscious, he wants to show me he loves me.” – Dildo_of_Vengeance

6. He leaves me the last bite

“He always tries to give me the last bite of whatever we’re sharing, even if it’s insanely delicious.” – scienceasfuck

7. He just wants me to be happy

“When I’m stressed out and miserable because of my job, he always says “Just quit. We’ll be okay” when he knows full well that we need the money my job brings in. He’d rather have to scrape and scratch to pay the bills than see me unhappy.” – DiffidentDissident

8. He loves me even when he’s angry

“The way we argue. He’s so considerate and thoughtful with his words, even when I know he’s incredibly frustrated. That speaks volumes about the way he respects me and loves me even when he’s angry with me.”

9. He doesn’t let me feel like a burden

“I seriously injured my back recently and he helps me do absolutely everything and expects nothing back. When I start to feel bad for needing him so much, he reassures me that he’s my husband and he loves helping me. “For better or for worse.” It means a lot. – babbidaboopy

10. He looks out for my safety

“He’s a bit of a crazy driver, but if we ever have to make a hard stop, he immediately throws out his arm to keep me in my seat. I’m a fairly small person, and he’s a fairly tall one, and as a result he’s very protective of me, in little and big ways. Seeing that, and seeing him worrying about my safety makes me feel more loved than anything else in the world.”

11. He treats me like he did when we first started dating

“Married 18 years and he still kisses me every morning.” – pinaygirl

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