All The New Dating Terms You Need To Know In 2016

No one can deny that dating has changed dramatically over the past few years. And no one can deny that courting someone has changed dramatically too. With more and more online dating apps, communication has gone from being verbal to being technological. With that, a new wave of dating terms has hit our shores, emerging from the torrential waters we call “love”.

It’s time for all of us to brush up on our dating vocabulary because we’re pretty sure these terms are here to stay.


Remember how Batman would always just disappear whenever Detective Jim Gordon talks with his back turned away? And then when Gordon turns back, he realises that he’s been talking to himself? That’s what ghosting is.

For those of you who didn’t get the reference, ghosting is the term you’d use when someone completely stops making contact with the person they’ve been seeing, without even telling them they’re no longer interested. This often occurs because people are too scared to officially call it quits. They just, you know, become a ghost.

Slow Fade

This process is similar to ghosting, but is much more drawn out. You start to reply with shorter and shorter texts, and then you start responding at a much slower pace, and finally you just stop replying. Think Batman slowly moonwalking into the darkness, or your favourite song slowly fading into silence. I much prefer the former.

Thirst Trap

That photo that someone posts on social media for the sole purpose of garnering attention. You know that person who constantly posts topless photos of themselves but writes really arbitrary captions like, really craving a mango juice right now – yup, their photos are Thirst Traps.


Also known as the talk. You know, the so are we like, a thing? talk. DTR is an acronym for ‘defining the relationship.’


When you’re just not good enough to make first team but exist as a secondary option. Benching occurs when someone you’ve been seeing stops wanting to see you in person but continues to communicate with you over social media. This probably happens when they feel like they have other options to explore and play out first, before committing to you.


The ghost is back. But instead of trying to rebuild severed ties, they’ll haunt you by only passively interacting with you- following you on social media and liking your posts.

Catch and Release

This refers to the tactic used by someone who loves the chase a lot more than the endgame. As soon as they’ve caught their target, they end the relationship.


When they like you but are too shy to tell you. And so, they end up being unclear and vague in their interactions and texts. Tuning can be sweet, albeit mighty frustrating.


To ship a relationship means to approve it.


Now, this is a biggie. Going FBO will solidify any blooming relationship. Short-form for ‘Facebook Official’, this is #relationshipgoals at its peak for many.  In this day and age, nothing legitimizes a relationship like changing your Facebook About section to reflect your not-so-single status.

That wraps up this list of new dating lingo. Got any more to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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