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This Is For Everyone Who’s Had A Crappy 2016

2016 was a weird year, to say the least. Dumpster fire, train wreck, and flaming hot mess are just some phrases one could use to describe the events of the year in the public sphere. But for many of us, 2016 might have been a shitty year on a much more personal level.

If you’re nodding your head right now, this is for you. This is for those looking to dust themselves off and trudge on into a new year with hopes for better things.

Maybe 2016 wasn’t a great year for your love life. Maybe you met that perfect someone only to realise he/she was attached. Maybe you lost someone you really cared about to silly differences or selfish actions. Maybe your dozenth one night stand had you realising that you should put your clothes back on and start looking for something real, or maybe a troubled relationship made you want to get back out there and have some fun.

Let us remember that the most important love of all lies in accepting one’s self, because life is above all, a personal experience. In the moments when you’re alone in the shower, drifting into sleep or daydreaming on the train, you have only yourself and your thoughts to keep you company. If you can’t look in the mirror and love what you see, no one can look in your eyes and love you. Let us remember to practice self-love and strive to accept our own flaws while staying open-minded to change and self-improvement.

Maybe 2016 took a dump on your career ambitions. Maybe obstacles like studies and financial difficulties started rearing their hideous little heads and throwing wrenches into your laid-out plans. Everyone’s got a plan until reality steps in and punches them in the face.

Maybe you’re still searching for your “calling”; for that perfect job that will somehow grant you both fulfilment in life and a reasonable pay. Something that you enjoy, are good at, and can sustain you, all at the same time. And society expects you to find this magical trifecta-fulfilling job in less than a year. Screw that, am I right? I say take your damned time. If 2016 wouldn’t yield, maybe 2017 will.

Maybe in 2016 you lost sight of the goals you had set for yourself. Maybe you gave up on going to the gym, eating healthy, or whatever it is you wanted to do to improve your quality of life or become a better person. Maybe you let your goals become chores. Maybe you left your motivation behind in April.

Remember, going into 2017, that only you can set goals for yourself and decide what is good or bad for you. Don’t listen to others telling you what to do, and do what’s right for you. Ignore everything I’ve written, if that’s what you want. I don’t know you. You know you.

As Earth hurtles into yet another revolution around the sun, let us remember to keep looking forward and leave the past where it belongs. Like a driver who keeps his eyes on the road and only occasionally glances in the rear-view mirror, let us remember that our journey lies ahead of us, not behind. Let us change what we can for the better, accept what we can’t change, and know how to tell the difference. And when we’re ready to step into 2018 this time next year, let’s hope we can look back and say, “Well, that was better.”

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