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2 Millennials Share What Drew Them To Artbox Singapore, Plus Tips To Survive Its Final Weekend

You probably would have heard of Artbox Singapore by now.

Thailand’s ever popular pop-up creative market has made it to our shores, and for two weekends, it promises to give Singaporeans an unforgettable experience. This would be Artbox’s first stop in its Asia tour.


One weekend of Singapore’s inaugural Artbox is over and we were there to soak in the atmosphere with fellow millennials. I’m sure that, like us, you would have read about the overwhelming crowds that thronged the event at its opening.

We hear that Artbox Singapore will be better prepared for the crowds this weekend, which is good news because word is that more vendors from Thailand will be joining in the festivities. Examples include clothing brands Rosalyn and Urban Indigo, as well as jewellery brand Mizuchol.

We’re excited but also preparing ourselves to brave some crowds and try some of the food we missed out on before, like the photogenic Talad Thai drink and Dragon’s Breath!

Having been there ourselves last week, here are some handy tips we have for you to maximise your Artbox experience:

1. Avoid peak periods – Vendors mentioned that the bulk of the crowds usually start streaming in around 3 to 5pm and this continues all the way to 8pm. So head on down after dinner for a (hopefully) more comfortable experience.

2. Bring wet weather gear – If the past weekend is anything to go by, there will be rain. So remember to bring your trusty raincoat/poncho along to keep yourself dry. Umbrellas, unfortunately, add to the clutter, and you don’t want to be hitting others with your umbrella!

3. Don’t dress to impress – As much as you may love your #OOTDs, dressing comfortably is the smarter thing to do. After all, you are either going to get sweaty from the heat or wet from the rain. Come in comfortable shorts and t-shirts, and wear slippers/sandals for a super chill time.

4. Get your Instagram-worthy shots near closing – Artbox Singapore closes at 11pm, and around this time, crowds will start to disperse. Get your shots with the containers and beautiful lights then.

5. Bring along your POSB and DBS cards – Artbox Singapore has a special area just for POSB and DBS cardholders, where you can chill out as long as you want!

While there last weekend, we also took the opportunity to speak with some visitors at Artbox Singapore to find out what drew them to the event.

Here’s what two of them had to say:



I find it liberating to wander around in flea markets overseas. There is always this orderly chaos that is so alluring. It is interesting to see the kind of wares people hawk – from intricate handcrafted accessories to antiques, to even amulets in Thailand.

I’m glad Singapore is finally getting Artbox onto our shores. It’s a big step towards promoting creativity and entrepreneurship – things the government has been trying to push for in recent years. I truly believe the arts scene in Singapore will flourish in time to come.



I’m a huge fan of travelling and one day, I finally decided to take the plunge and quit my job to travel for a year. It opened my eyes to the world and the different lives of others. I’m grateful to be able to do so and would recommend everyone to try it, after saving up.

The three things I like to do when overseas is check out the museums, hang out at cafes and go to the local markets, or Mercado, as they call it in South America. I find that these are the best places to get in touch with the freshest local food and culture.

That’s how I discovered the night markets of Taiwan and Thailand, such as Chatuchak and Rod Fai markets. Even though I have not been to Artbox in Thailand, personally, I love that it is here in Singapore because it just makes our city more vibrant and interesting.

I hope that Singapore can create our own brand of outdoor markets, similar to those in Thailand or Berlin’s, by seeking inspiration from elsewhere, while maintaining the Singaporean identity.

This will give Singaporeans a place to go and shop in a fun environment, sort of like a carnival. I’m optimistic that our little red dot will become more vibrant as time passes and I’m excited to be a part of it.

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