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12 S’poreans Reveal The Most Endearingly Embarrassing Habits Of Their Mums

Have you ever felt paiseh from the way your mom shows her love to you?

We have.

When we were kids, we may not have realised the significance of the things our moms did for us. Now that we’re older, we realise their love comes in many forms, from the biggest of sacrifices to the simplest of actions–even those that make us feel super paiseh. 

From embarrassing us on Facebook to pronouncing things their own unique way, here are some heartwarming (and slightly embarrassing) moments these Singaporeans shared with their moms.

*Some names have been changed for privacy reasons.

1. She’ll pout if I don’t hug her

She makes me hug her every day before I leave for work. If I don’t, she’ll pout and say: “Come back, never hug.”

– Tyler Kor, 27

2. She calls me ‘bao bei’ in public

I’m already 30 this year, but my mom still calls me “bao bei” (Mandarin for ‘precious’) in front of people. It’s quite embarrassing but I know she means it as an endearment.

– Roger, 30

3. She is very thick-skinned when it comes to discounts and freebies

My mother always asks for discounts and freebies because she wants to give us good food and freebies to try. Sometimes, even when the shop staff already said there’s no discount or freebies, she will still ask. Very malu! Also, when ordering food outside, she will ask for less oil, less sweet, and less salt over and over again. I know she does this for our health though.

– Daphnie, 25

4. She likes to ‘expose’ the un-demure side of me

My room is always super messy and it’ll leave you wondering if I’m a guy living in a girl’s body. My mom always complains to my friends about my messy room. She even teases me about how she’ll reveal my un-demure side to my future boyfriend.

I don’t have the guts to show anybody how bad the state of my wardrobe is but whenever there are guests in our house, my mom will ‘expose’ me and show it to them. So embarrassing! But I guess that’s her way of caring, since my messy room worsens my bad sinus.

– Shi Shyan, 26

5. Her pronunciation of words is really cute

My mom pronounces ‘GB’ (gigabytes) as ‘Gib’, which isn’t wrong, but it’s wrong! She also says things like “later I apps you where we are” in reference to texting on Whatsapp, which I find really cute.

– Mel, 27

6. She will ‘chope’ MRT seats for me

My mom will rush into trains and head straight for the seats and if it so happens that there’s an empty seat beside hers, she will put her hand on that seat to ‘chope’ it. Then, she will pat the seat as she waves at me and calls me to sit down. In front of staring eyes in the cabin, it’s actually very malu but I know she just wants me to rest, because I get tired easily from standing.

– Bling, 26

7. She always tries to matchmake me with my friends

She will always try to matchmake me with friends I bring over. For example, there was once when I invited some close friends over for my birthday. One of whom is this girl who is very fair – a trait I think my mom likes. She started helping my mom to clean up after we ate. Obviously, my mom took a liking to that and in front of both that girl and me, my mom said that she will make a good girlfriend. Facepalm!

– Li Wen, 21

8. She yells for my attention when I’m on the line

Whenever I’m on a phone call with my boyfriend, my mom will keep yelling for my attention, complaining about the untidily placed shoes, unwashed clothes and how dishes were left for to her wash, etc. Very embarrassing!

– Xiang Ying, 29

9. She will walk around with a half-eaten chicken thigh

Having grown up in a time where having meat to eat was a luxury, my mom doesn’t like wasting food–especially meat. If she cannot finish her food, she will tabao it home. One time, she couldn’t finish her nasi padang, so she asked to tabao the chicken drumstick. We went shopping after that, so she walked around with this clear plastic bag with a chicken drumstick inside the whole time.

– Yi Yang, 26

10. She’ll think that my girlfriend and I often ‘do things’ behind closed doors

Whenever my girlfriend is around, my mom will always knock on my room door and wait for a long time before opening it, or she’ll wait till we open it for her even though we shout that it’s ‘safe’ to come in. She does this ’cause she wants to give us privacy and doesn’t want to walk in on us ‘doing anything’. Little does she know that her doing that kind of makes it even more awkward sometimes.

– Jay, 26

11. She likes to forward photos of me to her friends on Whatsapp

She likes to show me off in front of her friends and on Facebook. She always asks me to send her pictures of myself. She will then forward these pictures to her multiple Whatsapp groups. And she always tells me that her friends want to matchmake me with their sons. I feel so paiseh sometimes!

– Zaf, 27

12. She calls me ‘sweetie’ and ‘cutie pie’ on Facebook

She likes to call me pet names on Facebook, like ‘princess’, ‘daddy’s girl’, ‘sweetie’, and ‘cutie pie’. I don’t know if she knows people can see her comments but she never stops. Also, when I was younger, my mom would get jealous when I talked to my dad. Even now, she’s a bit sensitive but it’s a lot better already.

– Natasha, 26

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